Park planed for Plain of Jars

XIENG KHOUANG, 18 December 2015: Xieng Khouang province will develop a 10-hectare riverside park in Paek district of Phnsavanh to beautify the area and give residents and tourists a place to relax.

Vientiane Times reported the park is being built along the Nam Ngam River near a market and is on a well-travelled route that visitors must take to enter or exit the town.

It will take two years to complete the park, according to the province’s deputy governor, Khamphien Sinouanthong, but when finished it should become a popular spot where residents can exercise or join in community activities.
inside no 2 Credit Vientiane Times

Credit Vientiane Times

“Construction of the park is expected to be finished in mid-2016 as the province is set to host the 11th National Games in 2017,” the governor told local media.

The park is close to the provincial stadium where the National Games will be hosted.

This is the first park to be built in the province and underscores the authorities efforts to attract domestic tourism and improve recreational facilities for residents.

Xiang Khouang is located in the Xiang Khouang Plateau, northeast of the country around 400 km of Vientiane. It is already one of the country’s top tourist destination after Luang Prabang, attracting tourists interested in the Plain of Jars.

The province borders Luang Prabang to the northwest, Houaphan to the northeast, Vietnam to the east, Bolikhamsai to the southeast, and Vientiane to the southwest.

The province’s Plain of Jars site has been proposed for listing as a UNESCO World Heritage Monument.